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Starting my $20 a Month Fund

March 22nd, 2015 at 04:12 pm

I'm trying to earn/find/save at least an extra $20 a month. I have an extremely limited income, and I have nothing extra at the end of the month for savings. But I still have things I like to do, like travel. So this money is or my traveling. It comes from selling items online, doing freelance work, windfalls (ha!), surveys, etc. Anything outside my normal income.

I'm heading to Canada to visit my best friend and her family at the end of July, so anything I've got in this account now is my spending money for that trip. Let's see how high I can get it in the next 18 weeks!

Starting balance: $2.82
Books sold online: $31.24
Rolled Coins: $27.50
New Balance: $61.56

Balance: $61.56
Sold - Coffee Maker: $10
Sold - Shoes: $10
Sold - Concert poster: $5
New Balance: $86.56