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A lot of work for -$1.30

April 3rd, 2015 at 12:56 pm

Mailed off some ebay sales today. Did better on shipping costs, but I'm still losing a lot. I tried the flat rate priority boxes, and changed the shipping costs in the auctions based on what the woman behind the counter at the post office told me. I either misunderstood or she misinformed me, because I still ended up losing about $16. Frown I'll finish up the auction I currently have on eBay, but after that, I won't list more until I figure out this shipping thing. Problem is, I hate to charge a lot for shiping, because I know as a buyer, a high shipping cost deters me from bidding on or buying an item.

I also sold a skirt today on a local online yard sale site I use. Yay Smile

And on a side note, I spend cash way too easily if I have it, and I spent $21 of my cash savings. Damn it. So that is down to $9. I need to start taking that cash and depositing it into my Savings every time I hit a certain amount so I don't spend it anymore.

So after all that, I still ended up losing $1.30 out of my overall savings. A lesson to be learned, but a hard pill to swallow.

Balance: $121.65
Ebay Sales: $16.70
Skirt: $3 (cash)
Spending: -$21.00
New Balance: $120.35
(Cash $9)
(Savings Acct $111.35)

6 Responses to “A lot of work for -$1.30”

  1. VS_ozgirl Says:

    I guess the only good thing is that you still have over $100 in your savings account! Hoping that you can work out the shipping so that it's not eating so much out of your profit

  2. DeniseNTexas Says:

    When you sell something on ebay, do you figure shipping into the cost? Many years ago the ex man person and I sold a LOT of stuff on ebay. I mean a lot. We always had the buyer pay shipping costs. Every now and then the shipping would, for some reason, be higher than we though but we'd ask the buyer to pay that too sometimes and most of them would. We made it clear that they paid "actual shipping charges" so it prevented the losses from shipping.

  3. CB in the City Says:

    I don't do much online selling (yet!) but I know some sellers just jack up the price of the item and offer free shipping.

  4. Joe Says:

    If you print your own postage you'll get a nice discount. You just need a postal scale and mailing labels.

  5. Maranatha Says:

    May I ask what you are selling? I offer free shipping on my eBay items and if its a skirt or shirt, or a piece of clothing that weighs less than 13 ounces you can send it regular parcel mail for a little over three dollars. It seems to get to most places as fast as priority mail. If I sell a pair of shoes or purse I send them priority three day and not flate rate priority because that is usually more expensive. I start my items with my desired profit in mind and tack on the estimated shipping charges. Sometimes I pay a little more but usually I guesstimate fairly close.

  6. Rosebud78 Says:

    I'm selling some clothes and some fabric (mostly fabric as Mums has a basement full from collecting it for over 30 years and now that she is retired, she is finally getting around to cleaning it out). I'm not figuring shipping costs into the price of the items I sell. I list the item at the lowest cost I am willing to take for it, and then I list the shipping for what it (should) costs to ship. I'm seriously under-estimating the weight of the fabric, so I'm going to start weighing that, and start having the seller pay the actual shipping cost based on the weight of the item, how far it has to travel from my house, and how fast they want it shipped. See if that makes a difference.

    Maranatha - thanks for the tip! I didn't know that about the 13 ounces and parcel post, so hopefully that will help, too!

    Actually, thanks to all of you for the advice! Smile

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