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Damn those shipping costs!

March 26th, 2015 at 01:09 pm

Last night I sold two bolts of fabric on ebay, each one for $10. Add to that the amount the buys paid for shipping, and the total that got deposited into my PayPal was $25.42 BUT, the shipping costs were WAY higher than ebay thought they'd be (almost $10 for each of them; thanks a lot for doing the math for me, ebay *rolling eyes*).

So after paying for shipping, I only made $5.53 Lesson learned and I went in and raised the shipping costs on all the current auctions I have going on now that don't have any bids yet.

I also spent $25 out of my savings today on a Birthday present for my sister. I hate to see the amount in this account go down, but I still have a few months until my trip, and I know I can replace it. And it feels good to have the cash to buy the gift instead of throwing it onto a CC Smile

Balance: $122.12
Bday gift for sister: -$25
Ebay sales: $5.53
New Balance: $102.65
(Cash $8)
(Savings Acct $94.65)

3 Responses to “Damn those shipping costs!”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    What do you think made your shipping costs higher? The service you used, the size of package, weight? I have seen some low ball shipping from eBay's suggestions too, so I always enter the weight, size of package and service I'm using myself and have it calculate it for the buyer based on their zip code. That way I never have any issues.

  2. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    I had some issues with shipping costs years ago when mailing books I sold on eBay. I couldn't figure out why every time I shipped something it cost more than I had calculated. Finally it dawned on me - the place I was using to ship my stuff out was adding additional fees! After that I used the PO and my costs were my costs.

  3. Rosebud78 Says:

    Since I was shipping fabric, it calculated it based on what it thought it would weigh. But the problem was that it was higher based on the actual weight of the fabric and how far it had to go (it calculated it as if it was all cotton, and some was a heavier fabric). I'm afraid I'm still going to get shorted ob the shipping charges, but at least it won't be too bad. If I relist the items after this auction is over, I'll do more research into the actual shipping costs.

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